Tips for Renovating Your Vacation Rental Property in Marbella

on 6 May, 2021

As an important sector on Marbella and Costa del Sol, Home Renovations will maximize your
vacation rental income.
As a vacation rental homeowner, it is important to have your home stand out
among the competition when visitors are searching for a place to rent. In order
to keep your vacation rental property fresh and attractive to
prospective guests, renovations and upgrades are necessary.
Renters want a place that feels like a getaway from their regular lives, so nicer,
updated homes are going to be most appealing. When you renovate your
vacation rental property, you make it more appealing to a larger demographic
while also being able to charge more per week. In return, people are willing to
pay more to stay in a nicer home renovated.
At the outset of a home renovation, you always want to consider the
cost versus value of various projects. It's all about the return on
investment! But what projects should be your focus? To figure that out,
think like a guest. Consider how your guests will use and enjoy the
property, and do everything possible to make their stay convenient.
Here are some improvements you can make to keep your home up to date
while maximizing your return on investment:


Old baths, showers, screen shower glass, taps, sinks, and outdated fixtures in a bathroom can be unappealing to renters. Whether you just want to replace old items with a simple, newer version or update to a more luxurious feel or remodeling the distribution, your renters will be thankful for the cleanliness and upkeep of a room that sees so much use from many different people.


Nice kitchens can be a big selling feature for renters. The kitchen is the center of the home, even a vacation home. As they flip through pictures of your home, nice, bright kitchens with updated cabinets, counter-tops, and appliances will catch their eye. It’s important to make sure everything is in working order first and foremost, but also that the style of your kitchen stays up to date. As a homeowner you should try to keep it modern in order to increase the value and appeal of your vacation rental property.


Beautiful new windows will add to the curb appeal of the home and freshen up the interior as well. Replace those worn-out windows and frames to not only make the outside more appealing but also keep the home properly insulated. Replacing your old windows will keep your visitors cool, the interior bright, you will not lose energy through the glasses and your energy bill will down.


If your vacation rental home just doesn’t quite have that contemporary look, your floor covering could be one of the biggest culprits in your outdated appearance. The flooring in a vacation rental property will see so much traffic in just a few short months. Visitors aren’t overly concerned with minor wear and tear, as it is expected, but when your floors start looking and feeling noticeably dingy you should replace them. Tile and marble flooring is durable, but you and your renters may not want that in every room of the house. When updating your flooring, it’s also important to choose the best flooring option for each room in order to help maintain longevity and do the maintenance easy.


Nothing change a room faster than new lights. New lighting makes all the difference! A beautiful room may appear washed out under bright bulbs or drown in the darkness of poorly lit space. Adjusting the number, intensity, and colour of lights can drastically alter the nature of your space. Adding lights can bring new highlights to your vacation rental property, while updating the fixtures in your unit can change the decoration.

A new style of light bulb may be just the thing to brighten up a dim space or bring down the mood in an intimate space. In addition to wattage, color balance can produce new effects by making a light produce either more stark, blue-leaning daylight hues, or warmer, more orange tones. The former is more active and alert, the latter more warm and intimate.


Many homeowners make a critical mistake when furnishing their vacation properties. They buy furniture as if they were shopping for a primary residence. Most couches are great for routine family use, but they do not hold up to the sort of rigorous wear commonly inflicted by rental guests. The average rental guest will not exercise the sort of care and concern for the furnishings in their host’s unit that they would for those in their own homes. 

The best way to fight abnormal wear and tear is to purchase institutional furniture, designed for the rigors of hospitality use. 

Thinking ahead and choosing timeless styles will save you buckets of money in the long run by keeping you ahead of trends in furniture design. 


Like a priority, guests want a comfortable bed. They have come to your vacation rental home for a good night’s rest, and the quality of your mattress is the biggest single contributor—or hindrance—to that goal. Comfortable guests are happy guests, and are not only more likely to enjoy their current stay, but are more likely to book return trips, which means more revenue in your pocket, plus good reviews for you.

Remember, as always, that hospitality-grade mattresses are designed to stand up to the high stresses placed on them over time by guests, and will save you plenty of cash in the long run by spacing out the time between replacements.


The hotel business model has been evolving for years and today customer loyalty is more important than ever.

You have to personalize services and create unique experiences and for that it is important to focus and attract specific customers through experiences designed for them.

Those Hotels that do so will not have to fight over price. Because by turning the customer into the protagonist, they become emotionally involved and that is the foundation on which loyalty is built.

When a digital BnB is designed according to the Technological Guest Experience process, the stories serve as a common thread throughout the life of a vacation rental home, from when it is conceived as a business until it is being exploited.

Tips for Renovating Your Vacation Rental Property in Marbella