Efficient Construction in Marbella

Efficient Construction in Marbella

Efficient Construction and Bio Construction is the best way if you choose to give more value to your home, renovation, refurbishment, rehabilitation or remodeling opting for an efficient home or a Passivhaus house.

At G2 Construction, we work with natural materials, organic materials and/or bio materials and of the highest quality. Not to mention the high quality of the air, being filtered by the ventilation system.

Specifically, the ventilation installation with heat recovery is the lung of the living space (single-family home, apartment or premises). The system draws stale, hot air from wet areas and blows in fresh air from outside.

As for the Passivhaus Construction in Marbella, since it is a defined standard, both the project and the execution works require compliance with the minimum measurable requirements, which allows the quality and performance of the property to be compared with most of the buildings that are governed by current regulations.

Therefore, at G2 Construction we understand that investing in this type of efficient construction is undoubtedly an added value and certainly a luxury. We do not refer to luxury as something inaccessible, but to the luxury of enjoying maximum comfort, and also with minimum energy.

That is why from G2 Construction we firmly believe that if you decide to carry out a work of this type, your property will undoubtedly be revalued, you are investing in an exclusive product, in a rehabilitation different from the conventional one and said revaluation will go more as the years and the comparisons of quality, comfort, habitability and efficiency of the properties are a critical purchasing criterion.

In G2 Construction, our team of  Building Engineers and Construction Managers will advise you on a costumized way.

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efficient construction in Marbella by G2 Construction

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Efficient Construction in Marbella