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Home Remodeling to sell or rent

on 17 January, 2019

Home Staging is a marketing strategy that lies in decorating or renovating a home to sell it or rent it for a better price.

Home Remodeling to sell or rent can increase up to a 20% of its value.

As we know, one of the most important aspects when buying or renting a home is its appearance, which is why it is worth investing to improve its appearance. This activity has become more common in the last years.

Here are some tips on how to revalue your home:


  • Decorate

home remodeling to sell or rent in Marbella by G2 ConstructionWhen decorating it is important to mind the illumination. A well-lit house will catch the attention of the client or buyer. Natural light should be maximized.

A good option to prevent the home of looking saturated is getting rid of damaged or outdated furniture as it will provide feeling of spaciousness.


  • Paint job

Painting ceilings. It is advisable to choose neutral colours (white and beige). These light colours will make the house look wider.

Renovating or restoring floors. Polishing the floor and painting walls will make the home look new. If the floor is in a very bad condition it could be replaced with parquet.

Refurbishing the kitchen and bathrooms. It is not necessary to renovate the whole place, refurbishing some rooms might be enough to make it look new. For instance, changing the taps, painting tiles or changing plugs of the toilets (if these are in bad condition) will be enough to change its appearance completely.


  • Renovating

Renovating a home to rent it or sell it is the most expensive option, but the most effective.

Demolishing partition walls or unnecessary pillars is a good choice if you want to gain space.

A small or inadequate kitchen can be opened to the living room creating a diaphanous space, something highly demanded nowadays.

Carpentry. Renovating doors and windows is good for insulation as well as bringing a newer look to the home.

Thinking on a Home Remodeling to sell or rent on your real estate property?

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Home Remodeling to sell or rent